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Kids' Art Day

A champion of cubes and colour: the Modern Art of Josef Hoffmann

Meet Viennese architect, decorative artist, scenographer and teacher Josef Hoffmann (1870-1956). Join a short, game-packed tour through the exhibition Josef Hoffmann, Falling for Beautyand get creative at the studio tables:

  • Raumkunst - create a paper interior in collage (6+)
  • Post from Vienna - colour a Wiener Werkstätte postcard with watercolours or crayon (4+)
  • Silky smooth art - create a textile design on silk (8+)
  • Furniture art - invent and develop miniature furniture in 3D (4+)
  • Fun with ceramics - shape a Viennese coffee cup out of white clay and decorate it with a fun pattern (4+)
  • Pack up and leave – decorate a paper bag using stamps with patterns devised by Josef Hoffmann (4+), a workshop featuring special guest Maria Makeeva! This the Czech illustrator created delightful children's books based on Hoffmann's work. Especially for this Art Day, she imagined a fun activity which she will also conduct herself.


Join a family tour through the exhibition Josef Hoffmann, falling for beauty. 11:00 FR & NL / 13:00 FR & EN. Lasts 50 min, for families, focusing on the children. Formula 1 parent + 1 (or more) child(ren). Registration on site.

Time to sit down? In the crèche café, the little ones can play and read to their heart's content.


With the support of the Czech Cultural Center Brussels

The programme may change.



Sunday 19.11.23 from 10:00 to 17:00

The activities start at 10:30 and conclude at 16:30

Tickets: activities + access expo Josef Hoffmann, Falling for Beauty € 0 (0-3, 13-18, museumpass) / € 12 (4-12) / € 6 / € 12 / € 18

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image Kunstendag voor Kinderen ©KvK 2023 - Thaïs Vanderheyden


©Maria Makeeva

illustration ®Maria Makeeva block puzzle

©Maria Makeeva

illustration ®Maria Makeeva tampons

©Maria Makeeva

photo ©Maria Makeeva