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Pavilion of Human Passions

fresque des Passions humaines de Jef Lambeaux

In the Cinquantenaire Park there stands a building resembling a small Greek temple. This pavilion was young architect Victor Horta’s first public contract and it encloses a monumental relief called The Human Passions by sculptor Jef Lambeaux. The relief is an impressive work of art (measuring 11 m long and 6 m high) in Carrara marble depicting the pleasures and vices of men.

Since its completion in 1898, Jef Lambeaux’ relief of the ‘Human Passions’, hidden in a neo-classical pavilion designed by architect Victor Horta, has rarely been accessible to the public. The work, shrouded in mystery and in a sulphurous reputation, often inflamed the imaginations. Since 2015, however, both the building and the relief it houses have been cleaned and restored.

The Pavilion of Human Passions is temporarily closed.