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It's your birthday!

Having a birthday soon? Why not celebrate at the museum! Our museum guides can't wait to show you around, tell stories and play games. First, get inspired by the wonderful museum pieces, then create some art yourself in our studio! Your weird and wonderful creations can of course be taken home!

You can choose between:

Unicorns and dragons

Deep in the Blue Dream Forest lived a unicorn who wanted nothing more than to be able to fly…

Suddenly his reveries were disturbed by the arrival of a roaring fire-breathing dragon, who was hot on the heels of a fierce warrior. A terrible battle broke out between the two but it was the warrior who finally managed to overcome the dragon. The unicorn, who had witnessed the brave dragon's fight, rushed to the spot where she had fallen to help his fellow fantastic beast. As a reward, the dragon gave her wings to her kind rescuer. And ever since, the unicorns of the Blue Dream Forest can fly!


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Pheast like a pharao

Meet Maya and Hori: Egyptian party animals! They'll show you where the most beautiful treasures are hidden, where you can enjoy the tastiest snacks and which games are the most fun. Will you choose dates and grapes, or a juicy roast ox? Are we playing senet or hounds & jackals? Shall we go dancing, or do you prefer a more quiet affair with some poetry reading and maybe a blind harpist? Whatever you choose, what is certain is that each of you will leave with a beautiful, homemade good luck charm as a keepsake. Sounds good, right?!

For egyptologists from the third to the sixth year of primary...

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enfant avec masque égyptien à côté d'une statue de sphinx égyptien


Price: € 150 (guide, tickets for 15 children + 2 adults, craft materials, drink, small present)
Time:  120 min
Booking: through this webform or +32 (0)2 741 73 02

Please note: After the activity, you are welcome to eat cake and open presents in our picnic space. The museum does not provide cake and drinks.  

Practical guide for parents