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Plaster cast workshop

Atelier de moulage

Created in the 19th century, under Leopold II, the molding workshop preserves and operates a collection of nearly 5000 molds made on works of art dating from prehistory to the 18th century. For 130 years, new plaster casts have been continuously produced.

Specialized craftsmen work each piece one by one using traditional molding and patina techniques.

A unique 19th Century Legacy

How it began

The story begins in the 19th century, when several European countries agreed to exchange plaster casts of their masterpieces. The newly founded Belgian state also decided to actively participate for educational purposes by buying, selling and exchanging casts. In order to help circulate the European heritage as widely as possible, Belgium opened its own plaster cast workshop in the Brussels’ Parc du Cinquantenaire where eventually more than 5000 casts and molds were created. Until the 1930s, museum visitors were able to admire the casts in a monumental display. Afterwards...

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Atelier circa 1900


Atelier circa 1900


Atelier circa 1900


Atelier circa 1900


Atelier circa 1900

The Workshop - 130 years experience


For 130 years, in this place master cast makers have been producing faithful copies of the most famous sculptures in European history from 19th century moulds. Forget 3D printing, our craftsmen only use  traditional techniques. The pieces are made to order for other museums, academies, schools, companies and individuals both in Belgium and abroad. In this picture-perfect setting, you will come face to face with the most famous sculptures from antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance!


Ordering a plaster-cast

Would you like to place an order for a plaster cast ?

By offering casts for sale, the workshop makes art accessible to schools, academies, scientific and commercial institutions or enthusiasts in Belgium and abroad. A few small casts are in stock. But most reproductions (of busts, full-length statues, reliefs, and other sculptures) have to be ordered.

You can place an order via the e-mail address below. 

Please note : The waiting time for a new order can be up to 2 years. So place your order on time! Thank you for your understanding.

Take contact with us?
T: (0)2 741 72 94 - (0)2 741 72 93

Discover the Catalogue

You can place your order via e-mail using the address below. 

Discover the catalogue

Purchasing a plaster cast

A limited number of castings are available in stock. Most are made to order. You can place an order on site, by e-mail or by telephone. You can consult the catalog at the workshop itself or on the museum's website.

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Visiter l'Atelier

Vous souhaitez venir visiter l'atelier ?

L'atelier de moulage est libre d'accès pour les visites individuelles sans guide le jeudi de 13h30 à 16h. (sauf le jeudi de l'Ascension, les 2 et 15 novembre, les jours fériés si c'est un jeudi et la semaine entre Noël et Nouvel An). Le Musée Art & Histoire organise des visites guidées pour des groupes (avec démonstration) le mardi et le jeudi, uniquement sur réservation.

Réservez votre visite

Students / Researchers

You are also welcome to the casting workshop to draw, take photographs, or film as part of your education or scientific research.

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Video : Discover the Plaster-cast Workshop

Wondering how the perfect replicas of masterpieces from major European museums are made? Follow us for an exclusive tour of our casting workshop!

Video : Behind the scenes at the plaster-cast workshop

The RTBF report highlights the richness of the collections as well as the work of the employees of the molding workshop of the Royal Museums of Art and History.







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