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The Heart Museum

This particular museum houses the unique collection of the late cardiologist Noubar Boyadjian, which consists of objects in the form of a heart or decorated with a heart motif.

Religious objects

The heart has a worldwide symbolism and very quickly became the most prevalent and preferred symbol for love, besides winning an important place in the Christian religion, with the veneration of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. By far the most numerous, curious and oldest are the religious objects: ex-votos, reliquaries, chrismatory items, oil lamps, holy water stoups, sculptures, paintings, prints and the like.

The Sacred Hearts of Jesus
The Sacred Hearts of Mary and Jesus (detail), églomisé, 18th-19th century

Symbol for love

Very popular in the secular world since the 17th century has been heart-shaped jewellery, which is found as a symbol of love in country after country, as brooches, bangles, rings, necklaces, etc. It is impossible to list all the other objects in heart form or with a heart motif. Among the commonest, however, are boxes, perfume bottles, flasks, plates, glasses, ink-pots, ashtrays, clasps, cake moulds, furniture, embroidered cushions with pearls, and postcards.

Heart-shaped brooch
Heart-shaped brooch, origin and dates unknown

Linda Wullus