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Unfolding Landscapes

20.07.22 18.09.22

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Landscape and Poetics in Ukrainian Art

May 2022. At the Silkeborg Art Center Bad (Denmark), the exhibition Unfolding Landscapes - Landscape and Poetics in Contemporary Ukrainian Art closes its doors.

The war launched by Russia prevents works from returning to Ukraine, linking the fate of Ukrainian artists to the tragedy of an entire people.

It was then that in the heart of the European capital, other doors opened. Connecting people, art and history in spaces of democratization, inclusion and polyphony: this is the mission of the Art & History Museum. The museum did not hesitate to respond favorably to the proposal to host the works.

This exhibition has been made possible by the initiative and with the support of the European External Action Service of the European Union (EEAS) which attributes increasing relevance to international cultural relations and wants to show its solidarity with Ukraine .

The newly created non profit association Horizon 50/ 200 aims, with the Cinquantenaire site and its institutions (the Royal Institute of Artistic Heritage, the Art & History Museum and the War Heritage Institute), to enchant creation, to imagine spaces for dialogue and exchange, and to make the park a teeming agora open to a city-world where the heart of Europe beats. A historic place, where history continues to be written. On the road to the bicentennial of Belgium in 2030, this ambition is talking shape today. Let us make room for the unique voice of these artists and for the meeting with the citizens of Brussels and Europe.

Unfolding Landscapes celebrates Ukrainian visual art, exploring landscape, topography, psycho-geography and culture of this unique country.

The exhibition presents 42 artists, working since the 1960's to today, and incorporates many different practices and media, from painting, sculpture and installation, to drawing, etching, photography and video work.

The exhibition documents a highly dynamic and flourishing Ukrainian art scene which also gently registrars the changes in society in recent history. Curated before the tragic war broke out in February 2022, each artwork now draws new meanings and weight. With this new presentation in Brussels, the curators hope to provide an opportunity for learning and reflection, and reach a hand to deep understanding with our Ukrainian neighbours.

Curators: Faye Dowling [UK] and Natalia Matsenko [UR]

Unfolding Landscapes team: Initiative & Creative Director: Sergei Sviatchenko (Denmark/Ukraine); Commissioner: Iben From (KunstCentret/Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, Denmark) Exhibition Curators: Faye Dowling (United Kingdom), Natalia Matsenko (Ukraine). With the support of Igor Abramovych (Abramovych Art, Ukraine) and Ruslan Timofieiev, (Timofieiv Foundation, Ukraine).

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