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Museum Night Fever

During Museum Night Fever, artists and public are given carte blanche in the exhibitions and collections of the Brussels Museums.

From 19:00 to 01:00, performances and workshops will shake up the museum galleries in beauty.

From 01:00, the party continues in Botanique: expect an unforgettable afterparty!

In short, an extraordinary museum night! One to experience, enjoy and talk about for a long time afterwards. And above all, an ideal opportunity for those still hesitant about museums (meh, museums are not my cup of tea).

Programme @Museum A&H
Viennese architect and designer Josef Hoffmann (1870-1956) is often mentioned in the same breath with the Stoclet House and Wiener Werkstätte (Vienna Workshops) of which he was the inspirer. But during the 60 years he worked as an artist and 'all-round designer', his production and ideals developed and evolved, witnessing and governed by a timeless beauty.

1 - Contemporary dance and signed vocal music / Bodies & Voices - performances & workshops
The Compagnie Marie Martinez & Artistes / La Loba Productions asbl is bringing together with the Art & History Museum some fifty artists and citizens in an exceptional collective creation that is touring in Belgian museums this season.
Join us this evening for some unique performances and watch the creation unfold before your very eyes in the Hoffman exhibition. Taste the joys of collective creation! You can also take part in artistic workshops led by the artists and share in our dance and song creation processes!

2 - The evening is even more brought to life by the sparkling dancers of the Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles, Lydia Mboko's classes.

An evening dedicated to Bodies, Voices & Beauty!

Price: € 15 (presale) / 19 (tickets on the night) + € 10 for the afterparty

Bodies & Voices 1

Bodies & Voices 2

Bodies & Voices 3

Bodies & Voices 4

Bodies & Voices 5

Bodies & Voices 6

Hoffmann tea set

tea set

J.H., tea set, 1903 ©MAK/Katrin Wisskirchen

Josef Hoffmann design

design for twelve brooches

J.H., design for twelve brooches for the Wiener Werkstätte, 1926 ©MAK

Hoffmann pendant

Pendant, Silver and semi-precious stones

J.H., pendant ©MAK/Katrin Wisskirchen

Hoffmann yellow

colored glass cuts, paper

J.H., colored glass cuts, paper, 1927-1928 ©MAK

Stoclet House, Brussels

Stoclet House, Brussels

J.H., Stoclet House, Brussels, 1905-1911 ©MAK

Ecole de Cirque de Bxl 1

Ecole de Cirque de Bxl 1

Ecole de Cirque de Bxl 1

Ecole de Cirque de Bxl 2

Ecole de Cirque de Bxl 2

Ecole de Cirque de Bxl 2

Ecole de Cirque de Bxl 3

Ecole de Cirque de Bxl 3

Ecole de Cirque de Bxl 3