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Permanent collection

All our objects are alive and have a story to tell. From Prehistoric to Art Nouveau, prepare to be amazed by unique and magnificent manmade masterpieces.

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The Museum houses an incredible collection of works belonging to all four corners of the world (with the exception of Sub-Saharan Africa), dating from the prehistoric period to the 20th Century. This page is here to provide an insight into what these rich collections have to offer you.

National Archeology

01 National Archeology

In our National Archeology collections, you will discover the exciting history of our regions from the Stone Age to the Metal Ages through an exploration of the unique collection of Gallo – Roman discoveries all the way to the magnificent examples of Merovingian glasswork and metalwork.
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Prehistoric jewellery

02 Prehistoric jewellery

Merovingian craftsmanship

03 Merovingian craftsmanship

In our Antiquity wing, you will encounter the ancient Near-East, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Feel free to admire the stunning Colonnade of Apamea and colorful Syrian mosaics, look ancient Roman emperors in the eye, and explore our Egyptian tombs along with our Mummy Hall.
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Greek cantharus

04 Greek cantharus

Here, Europe’s most beautiful creations have been assembled in one place: our European Decorative Arts section! You will be taken on a voyage through more than a thousand years of European art and culture. Starting at the Middle Ages, with shrines gilded with precious stones, silver and gold, you will pass through our internationally renowned collections of tapestries and retables and conclude at the collections of precision tools and precious items from the 17th and 18th Centuries. In addition, when in Brussels, our magnificent Art Nouveau and Art Deco collection, produced by Victor Horta and presented in an original shop interior, is of course not to be missed.
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Art Nouveau jewellery

05 Art Nouveau jewellery

Gothic Retable

06 Gothic Retable

How about a round-the world trip at the heart of Brussels? The beauty - both that which has been lost and that which exist to this day - of North and South America, South-East Asia, China, India, Nepal, Oceania, and the Islamic world, is displayed in our Non-European Civilizations Wing.
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Pre-Columbian Art

07 Pre-Columbian Art

Indeed, some of the art treasures in this museum are right out of the top drawer. Come to discover them and enjoy a visit in the Art & History Museum!


There's so much more of our past left to discover! Outside of its roles in conservation and presentation, the Museum also takes care of scientific research projects and archeological missions, both in Belgium and abroad.

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Plaster-cast Workshop

Next to the Museum buildings is an hidden gem : our plaster-cast workshop. Over the last 150 years, more than 4000 casts of works of art from all over the world have been molded and now form a collection in their own right. Despite the age of the workshop, it is still active. Every day reproductions, big and small, are produced using an ancient and artisanal technique. It is possible to order reproductions directly from the workshop, and to visit this lovely, quite hidden site.

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Looking for a special gift, a wonderful book or a fun toy that’s linked to art or history? Then you absolutely must take a look around the Museum boutique or the exposhops which pop up during our temporary exhibitions. Access to the different boutiques is free!

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Art & History Museum
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The Scientific Library of the Art & History Museum is one of the largest museum libraries in Belgium. It specializes in art and archeology and the content of its publications is closely linked to the fields of our museum collections. First and foremost, the library offers scientific support to the running of the Museum with regard to its collections and scientific work. However, it is also accessible to all for the purposes of study and research.

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Photographic Library

To obtain digital images of objects in the Royal Museums of Art and History collections, you should contact the Photographic Library by e-mail ( The inventory number of the object or a brief description of the images desired will aid the process.

Prices are determined based on the availability of images.