A new name for an old museum

The Cinquantenaire Museum ceased to exist in May 2018. Or its name in any event. Since then, the museum operates under the name of "Art & History Museum". There are various reasons why we chose this rebranding:

1. Clarity

Our former name (Cinquantenaire Museum) explained where we were located but did not reveal anything about the museum itself. This created confusion as there are several other museums in Cinquantenaire Park (the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History and Autoworld). It was also a source of ambiguity, as it did not disclose anything about our offering. We have chosen to change our name to better reflect our collections.

2. Recognisability

We want the Art & History Museum to become a strong brand. Almost everyone is familiar with similar international museums (such as the Louvre or the British Museum). However the public has yet to discover us, in spite of the fact that we have an extremely unique and valuable collection. By opting for clear and transparent communication, with a strong logo and a recognisable element, we hope that more people will discover our magnificent museum and its hugely diverse collections.

3. Innovation

We are currently working hard on our transformation into a XXIst century museum. With one eye on the past, and one eye on the future. Which is why we decided to renovate our exhibits and refresh our image. We think of this rebranding as a new start, as a new opportunity to invite the general public to come and (re-)discover our museum.