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About the activity

nocturne in collaboration with War Heritage Institute

Miss travelling abroad? Come to the Art & History Museum on 27 May and step out into the world without actually leaving Brussels! This trip will take you straight to the impressive Canadian totem poles, then travelling southwards, past a smiling fragile old lady and then on to Peru. Here, an old (and slightly desiccated) friend will show you the way upstairs, to Southeast-Asia, to admire Indonian wayang puppets and, a little beyond those houses in the distance, to watch a rain drum recital. And then time for bed? No, let’s first rest up a bit in front of the friendly bodhisattva.

Come face to face (that’s right, closer than 1.5m is allowed!) with the masterpieces of the American and Asian art collection using five looking cards with fun exercises and information for young and old. (To DOWNLOAD the looking cards:

Travel enthusiasts can continue their adventure at the neighbouring War Heritage Museum where their Sabena plane has stops in Mexico, Algeria, Russia and Japan. Here, too, you can enjoy a different view on a number of extraordinary museum pieces, “armed” with five looking cards.

Incidentally, did you know that both museums are connected on the inside? Follow the guide and discover how: walk from the American to the Asian collection, then outside along some impressive mosaics, a secret door followed by a steep climb up a hidden staircase to the top of the triumphal arch where you can enjoy some breathtaking views over Brussels and then on to continue the visit at the War Heritage Museum. Places are limited, so be quick!

17:00 -22:00 free visit of Art & History Museum, section non-European cultures,
guided by 5 looking cards (NL/FR/EN)

Extra Muros – Art & History Museum ♥ War Heritage Institute / Army Museum

17:30 NL - start A&H
18:00 FR - start A&H
19:30 NL - start A&H
20:00 FR – start A&H

This tour combines a visit to the non-European cultures section in the Art & History Museum with a guided tour through the War Heritage Institute. The passage from one museum to the other happens via the Cinquantenaire Arcade normally closed to the public, normally closed to the public!

!!! You start in the Art & History Museum, but arrive at War Heritage Institute. So don't forget to take your things if you left them in the lockers.

!!! Of course, the KMKG strictly respect the coronation measures in force at the time of the nocturne.

Practical information


Thursday May 27th 2021, from 17:00 to 22:00

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€ 5 / 2,50 (-26 year)

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