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About the activity

Family day featuring drop-in workshops, stories, didgeridoo demonstrations, tastings and play café. For children aged 4 to 12.

Together with Art Basics for Children

In the beginning there was nothing. Everything slept, deep underground. One day, Rainbow Serpent woke up and began her journey. Everywhere she went, her thick snake body dug deep trenches. When she made it rain, the gullies filled with water. This is how the rivers, billabongs and wells were created. When she buried her snout in the ground, she pushed up mountains and hills. Her milk made the land fertile, so that trees and plants could grow. Then she woke up the animals. Finally she also awakened a man and a woman and taught them what is important. After that Rainbow Snake crawled back into the earth, for she was tired.

Experience the diversity and strengths of the ancient and vibrant Australian cultures!



  • Bullroarer – Take a wooden slat with a hole and some rope. Now paint some nice decorations and you’re ready! Swing it around… can you hear it roar?
  • Rainbow Serpent has spots! – First you draw a twisting snake, then you start ripping and crumpling! When you have enough paper balls, stick them on your drawing. I can hear Rainbow Serpent hissing with delight …
  • Small big nature – create your own Australian landscape using some sand, pebbles or bark. And don’t forget to leave some room for yourself! All we have to do now is take a picture… Done!
  • Kangaroos, emus en platypuses - A mouse, rabbit or dog? Sure, you can do that, but have you ever drawn a kangaroo, sand goanna or echidna?
  • Weaving – Using some raffia and a needle you’ll make a basket in no time!
  • Paint like a (rock) star – The creator spirits are hiding all over the Australian landscape. Sometimes you can see them on rock faces! Choose a pebble and decorate it with your favourite animal or spirit.
  • The great art day painting! – Laughing, telling stories and making art together is something Australian artists adore, just like we do! Today, all visitors will make a painting together. What will your part of the story be? Which decorations will you add? It’s sure to be magnificent!

  • The museum songline – Stories teach us where we come from and how best to behave. Follow the Seven Sisters on their journey and watch how wells spring up wherever they dig in the ground with their digging sticks, find out why the emu can’t fly and why mumy kangaroo has a pouch. Hush now, it’s about to begin!
  • Didgeridoo – Did you know that a didgeridoo is sometimes called a yidaki? And did you know that in order to play it, you need to know circular breathing? And that this instrument is usually reserved for men? And… oops, I’ll stop now, otherwise you already know everything!

    Play (and rest)!

In the play café, the little ones can play and read to their heart's content, while the big ones rest up a bit.

There may still be small changes to the program.

Practical information


Kids: € 0 (0-4 years) I € 12 (4-12 years)

Adults: € 16 (18+) I € 12 (65+)

A ticket gives you access to all activities during your chosen timeslot, the exhibition Before Time Began and the collections of the Art & History Museum.

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Getting organised

Choose your timeslot: 10.30-13:30 or 14:00-17:00. Between timeslots we clean the tables and materials. During your chosen timeslot, you can freely join the drop-in workshops and the play café. Story time and didgeridoo demonstrations alternate, but you do not need to register for these either.

Feel like staying a little longer, or want to come early? Great! Your ticket also gives you access to the Before Time Began, aboriginal art from Australia exhibition and museum galleries.

Corona measures: we closely follow the “culture and museum” guidelines. These are still subject to change, so be sure to have a look on our website for the latest updates.

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