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About the activity

A day of experiment and discovery! Have fun during our drop-in workshops. Do you dare to face a real life Viking?

In collaboration with Les compagnons du cerf

We only use natural materials that are safe for the
littlest ones. We encourage kids to experiment and be messy; bringing an
extra set of clothes is a good idea.

There might be small changes to the programme (see below).

Practical information


Sunday 9 February
10:00 - 12:00 / 12:30 - 14:30 / 15:00 -17:00

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-6 years: €5 (expo crossroads, collections, workshops)
6-18 years: €10 (expo crossroads, collections, workshops)
+ 18 years: €20 (expo crossroads, collections, workshops) OR €10 (collections, workshops)

Info & Reservation

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T: 02/741 72 14

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0 – 3 YEARS

This is how Vikings sound
Trumpeting, drumming and clapping: go on a musical discovery (+0)

This is how Vikings live
Building a tent and playing peekaboo: yes! (+1)

This is how Vikings make pots
and little balls, and sausages, and … Observe how a real Viking works and start claying! (+1)

This is how Vikings decorate
Create beautiful Viking ship sails using stamps with intricate curls and terrifying animals: (+18m)

This is how Vikings colour
Hokus pokus no need to scream, mix blue and yellow and it will go green!: experiment with natural inks. (+2)

This is how Vikings get cozy
This feels soft, that makes a funny sound, this one tickles a little bit: nests to hide away in! (+0)


The Vikings made beautiful pearls in all the colours of the rainbow: make your own out of clay! (+4)

The Vikings were the masters of the seven seas: fold and decorate a Viking ship and try it out on real water! (+4)


Nursing pillows, water to drink, a micro wave oven and some fruit. Comfortable seats and baby muslins for breastfeeding mums.

Extra: buggy shuttle & parking

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